Coatings are all around us. Sometimes visible, oftentimes not, they are found on almost every manmade surface. Historically, coatings have served two primary purposes: to protect the underlying surface and to decorate. With the advent of biotechnology, we are seeing the emergence of new, “smart” surfaces that are capable of autonomously recognizing the environment and reacting to it. At RSL, we design and develop additives which provide this intelligence to coatings.

Our biologically-based products enjoy four key advantages:

  • Extremely effective - The peptides and enzymes used in our biocides have withstood the evolutionary test of time. Nature has spent millions of years developing them, and they are very effective.
  • No resistance - Living systems continue to use peptides and enzymes because invading organisms have not been able to develop resistance to them.
  • Non-toxic - Our products are digestible with no ill effects. Enough said.
  • Environmentally friendly - Because our products contain no toxic ingredients and produce no toxic by-products, they are quintessentially green.

RSL has an aggressive program of intellectual property protection for its technology, both in the U.S. and in strategic foreign countries.