Harnessing the power of nature, Reactive Surfaces adds dynamic functionality to paints and coatings... "Bringing Coatings To Life™."

Employing proprietary and environmentally‑friendly enzyme and peptide technology, Reactive Surfaces strives to be the best and most innovative bioengineering company serving the worldwide paint and coatings markets.

In 2001, following the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, our founder, Steve McDaniel contemplated whether an enzyme capable of detoxifying organophosphorous pesticides could actually detoxify organophosphorous nerve weapons. He discovered that once it was entrained and stabilized in a coating system, that indeed the enzyme was functional against nerve weapons and remained functional for periods of time. Thus arose our first product…a bioengineered additive capable of constantly and consistently decontaminating and/or remediating chemical and biological threat agents.

Today, Reactive Surfaces is developing enzyme- and peptide-based additives for self-cleaning surfaces, biocidal surfaces, mould-inhibiting surfaces, deodorizing surfaces, textiles with reactive coatings, self-healing coatings and catalytic column coatings for liquid and gaseous waste-stream decontamination, and find itself in the unique position of being on the bleeding-edge of carbon removal technology.

Known in the industry as an innovation machine using cutting-edge bio-engineering to dynamically functionalize paints and coatings, Reactive Surfaces serves markets worldwide with an environmentally green enzyme and peptide technology. Reactive Surfaces develops these products from the proof-of-concept phase all the way to the shelf for its clients; products that will provide a healthier and better lifestyle for millions of people all around the globe.

Steve McDaniel
CEO and Chief Innovation Officer

Steve McDaniel, PhD., is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of the award-winning paint and coatings company, Reactive Surfaces, an innovation company operating in the paint, coatings, and specialty chemicals industries for the past 20 years. His technical expertise includes organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology.

Dr. McDaniel has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Texas, a master's in science in Genetics from Texas A&M University, a PhD in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University, was a Post-Doctoral fellow in chemistry at Baylor College of Medicine, and received a Juris Doctor specializing in Intellectual Property Law from the University of Houston. He regularly speaks and presents on topics related to polymer chemistry, bio-functional coatings and space exploration.
Beth McDaniel
JD, Partner President
Beth McDaniel JD, Partner, President 
Beth McDaniel received her BBA in finance from the University of Texas in 1988, and JD in law from South Texas College of Law in 1996. She has been with Reactive Surfaces since 2006, both as a director/advisor and officer of the company. Beth has 25 years of business experience and 17 years of legal experience with an emphasis on contracts, licensing and business operations. Mrs. McDaniel serves as President and Chief of Administration for Reactive Surfaces, assisting in implementing ongoing company business, business transactions and office management. 
David O. Simmons
Intellectual Property Agent
David O. Simmons Chief of Intellectual Property
David holds more than 33 years of combined industry and IP consulting experience. He has been a Registered United States Patent Agent since 1998. In his role as a Patent Agent, he specializes in analysis, cultivation, protection and invalidation of patent matters. 

The Reactive Surfaces Team

Each of our team members makes a unique and important contribution of experience and expertise to drive innovation, product development and commercial success.

Lisa Kemp
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Lisa Kemp-Chief Scientific Officer

Lisa joined Reactive Surfaces in 2016 as the Chief Scientific Officer and manages the research laboratories located within the University of Southern Mississippi's Technology Accelerator. Lisa received her Ph.D. in Polymer Science and Engineering with a Technology Commercialization focus in 2007. Prior to receiving her Ph.D., she worked in R&D where she commercialized several coatings technologies. Lisa oversees all commercial product development and manages the RSL lab team. 

Tyler Hodges
Chief of Microbiology

Dr. Tyler Hodges- Chief of Microbiology

Tyler joined the Reactive Surfaces team in 2014. Tyler holds a Bachelors and Master's of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Ph.D. in Microbiology. Tyler develops molecular and microbial assays and oversees microbial aspects of antimicrobial, antiviral coatings, and in-can preservation development. 

Amber Nations

Amber Nations-Technician

Amber received her Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2021 and joined the Reactive Surfaces team shortly after. Prior to this, she worked at an environmental center where she helped teach and inspire children grades 3-6 about the organisms and environments in and around the Pine Belt and how to be good stewards of these natural resources. She also conducted research on character displacement in stream fishes and biodiversity in different coastal environments while obtaining her degree. Currently, Amber works as a lab technician where she helps design and conduct experiments to further develop carbon capture coatings.


The Reactive Surfaces vision is to develop technology to enhance peoples lives everywhere with coatings that react to their environment in a positive way.

Our focus is to provide the coatings industry with safe, environmentally benign alternatives to real-world issues, such as climate change, the spread of disease, food safety, medical device innovation and improvements to solar efficiency and the protection of people from weapons of mass destruction. In every decision we make, we consider the potential impact on the people of the world, the environment and the future of our children and the earth. Make it bigger to utilise the space!

Bio‑engineered Coatings Solutions

Our mission is to be the preferred source of innovative, top‑quality bioengineered solutions that meet the most stringent environmental conditions, while also addressing the needs of the paints and coatings markets.

Through innovation, expertise and inspiration, Reactive Surfaces designs and develops unique and proprietary dynamic-functionality for our clients’ specific products, provide their customers a competitive edge in the paints and coatings industry.

Award-Winning Technology

Reactive Surfaces – WINNER of the coveted American Coatings Award in 2008

“The most innovative coatings technology of 2008 and one that will change the coatings industry for the next 50 years."


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