Austin, Texas-based Reactive Surfaces is a leader in developing environmentally sound enzyme- and peptide-based additives. Our additives are built on “natural” science; our additives are built for the future.

Reactive Surfaces is designing and building the platform for additives that will revolutionize the coatings industry. Inspired by the diversity and efficacy of naturally-occurring biological molecules, Reactive Surfaces is harnessing the power of molecular engineering and developing bio-based additives for a variety of industries, including architectural, industrial and space/aircraft-relevant coatings. In the same way that the integrated circuit board of Texas-based Texas Instruments revolutionized the electronics industry, the non-persistent, non-bio-accumulating, and non-toxic bio-based additives of RSL are motivating the future of functionalized coatings.

At Reactive Surfaces, we are developing coatings that protect surfaces against algae, mold, bacteria and even viruses on a variety of surfaces, including those found in homes, hospitals and schools.  Coatings that self-repair, anti-fouling coatings that keep algae and barnacles from forming on boat bottoms, coatings that deodorize, coatings that can be recharged and reprogrammed with novel functionality … these are becoming a reality at Reactive Surfaces.  The possibilities for adding function to coatings are as endless as the amazing functionality found in Nature.  Step inside the world of Reactive Surfaces, and witness for yourself the power of biotechnology in paints and coatings.

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