What are Peptides?


Peptides are short polymers formed from amino acids.  RSL’s peptides are comprised of naturally occurring amino acids and are an evolutionarily conserved component of the innate immune system found among all classes of life. Antimicrobial Peptides (AMP) currently being developed by RSL, which are also known as Host Defense Peptides,  are selective in their action against organisms and are typically characterized by their secondary structure. The ability of the AMPs to associate with the cell membranes of unwanted microorganisms is the initiating step in the proposed mechanisms for inhibiting growth. Mechanisms for activity. This principle allows Reactive Surfaces to develop well-defined peptides in paints and coatings to target unwanted organisms, while at the same time creating surfaces that are non-toxic and not hazardous to other life forms.

Peptide-based additives can work alone or in combination with traditional biocides. All current biocides on the market are toxic or polluting—or both. The environmentally friendly peptide-based additives RSL is developing can be applied safely to create antimicrobial surfaces in homes, hospitals, schools, government facilities, industrial sites and public transportation systems.