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Tired of greasy fingerprints, make-up and smudges clouding up your smart phone screen?  Find yourself constantly rubbing your phone on your shirtsleeve or pants? 

e-RACE™ screen protectors to the rescue! 

e-RACE™ smart phone screen protectors contain a novel, all-natural enzyme which consistently cleans your screen protector of fingerprints and smudges.  The greasy fingerprints and smudges simply wipe away with normal use of the phone, much like dry-erase markers simply wipe off a whiteboard. 

Other screen protectors that call themselves “anti-fingerprint” don’t really do anything the grease.  They are either matte finish (fuzzy to see through) or oleophobic, merely causing the grease to “bead up” so that they don’t smear over the entire viewing area. Neither of these work for very long because they do nothing to remove the smudges.

The e-RACE screen protector technology actually creates soap and make-up remover on the surface of your screen protector that starts cleaning and erasing greasy fingerprints upon contact.  It’s like a nano-soap bar that scrubs away at the smudge, making its removal from the surface easy and automatic.  Not only will your phone be remarkabley clearer, but also cleaner and easy to touch.  e-RACE screen protectors also prevent scratching and damage to your phone.”



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