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Tired of greasy fingerprints, make-up and smudges clouding up your smart phone screen?  Find yourself constantly rubbing your phone on your shirtsleeve or pants?

e-RACE™ screen protectors to the rescue!

e-RACE™ smart phone screen protectors contain a novel, all-natural enzyme which consistently cleans your screen protector of fingerprints and smudges.  The greasy fingerprints and smudges simply wipe away with normal use of the phone, much like dry-erase markers simply wipe off a whiteboard.

Other screen protectors that call themselves “anti-fingerprint” don’t really do anything the grease.  They are either matte finish (fuzzy to see through) or oleophobic, merely causing the grease to “bead up” so that they don’t smear over the entire viewing area. Neither of these work for very long because they do nothing to remove the smudges.

The e-RACE screen protector technology actually creates soap and make-up remover on the surface of your screen protector that starts cleaning and erasing greasy fingerprints upon contact.  It’s like a nano-soap bar that scrubs away at the smudge, making its removal from the surface easy and automatic.  Not only will your phone be remarkabley clearer, but also cleaner and easy to touch.  e-RACE screen protectors also prevent scratching and damage to your phone.”


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What people are saying about their eRACE Screen protector! 

Props to e-RACE!

Shelby from Mississippi says…

“I have owned both an eRACE smart phone screen protector and also a custom-made screen protector for my car GPS system.  Both screen protectors have exhibited very good self-degreasing qualities, really cutting down on fingerprints and smudges, which is significantly improved from any other screen protector I’ve used.  Although the phone screen protector did get a bit scratched, both screen protectors are superior to others I’ve used, providing better clarity and are also much easier to clean.  I would definitely be interested in purchasing eRACE screen protectors for other electronic devices in the future.”


Phil from North Carolina says…

“Approximately 4 and half months ago I placed a clear screen protector enzyme-containing clearcoat called ERASE onto the face of my iPhone 4S. Prior to using the ERASE containing protector, I had a store-bought screen protector that collected everything on its face including, to name a few . . . . fingerprints and hair spray. Every day I would use soap and warm water to remove these unsightly and visually impairing elements from the screen.  After over four months of continuous ERASE-containing screen protector use, I have never had to use soap and water but, instead, merely by pulling the iPhone in and out of my pockets was enough activity to ERASE fingerprints. Additionally, from the get-go, hairspray never did stick to the ERASE-containing surface.”


Cece in Mississippi says…

“I currently own and use an iPhone 4.  Like most, I wanted to protect my phone from damage so I purchased a case and screen protector for it.  While the store-bought screen protector helped prevent against scratches and cracks, I was still left to deal with sweat and make-up residue from holding it against my cheek, along with grease and fingerprints from using the touchscreen.  My usual solution to this bothersome issue was to rub the surface on my jeans. Then I was given the opportunity to test one of the original ERASE screen protectors. Over three months of use, the appearance of make-up and oil seemed to be less and less of an issue.  Surprised at how well this protector was keeping my phone clean, I decided to test it.  Every night I would purposefully rub leftover facial oil/makeup on it, set it on the table and go to bed.  Each morning I would wake to find the oil and make-up had practically disappeared.”


Kimberly in Mississippi says…

“I have used an eRACE screen protector for over 6 months and it is great for keeping my screen protector clear of greasy fingerprints, smudges and makeup.”


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