Vision + Mission


By 2013, RSL will be a highly visible company known as the best and most innovative bioengineering company serving the paints and coatings markets worldwide with an environmentally green enzyme and peptide technology. RSL will have developed and marketed these products, providing a healthier and better life for millions.  RSL will continue to innovate, develop and actively promote enzymes and peptides for adding functionality to coatings.

Mission Statement

RSL’s mission is to be the preferred source of innovative, top-quality bioengineered solutions that meet the most stringent environmental conditions, while also addressing the needs of the paints and coatings markets.   Through innovation and inspiration, RSL enables their customers to build functional coatings to improve the quality of life.
RSL takes pride in involving itself, its products and its know-how in socially and environmentally responsible projects to effectuate a recognizable change in social conditions.