Reactive Surfaces is making novel, non-toxic, environmentally-sound amino acid additives – additives that protect coatings from microbes – a reality.


ProteCoat® additives protect coatings from unwanted organisms, such as bacteria, algae, and fungi. Our research has shown that ProteCoat® additives are effective for coatings in-processing, in-the-can, and in-the-film (on painted surfaces) allowing Reactive Surfaces to tap the potential of bio-based molecules to develop a new generation of additives for coatings.  ProteCoat® additives can be used alone or synergistically in combination with existing biocides, reducing or eliminating the need for more toxic and more environmentally-damaging additives in coatings. Long-term weathering studies with ProteCoat® additives in outdoor coatings indicate they continuously work under real-world conditions, that they provide excellent alternatives to existing toxic biocides, and that they are not associated with the production or release of hazardous compounds to the environment.


ProteCoat® additives are being bioengineered to exhibit selective toxicity and rapid killing of microorganisms over a broad antimicrobial spectrum.  These additives will find particular usefulness where more toxic biocides cannot be used, but are badly needed.  Potential applications for these “Green” biocides include interiors of housing, hospitals, schools, government facilities, industrial sites, and public transportation systems.  They also include manufactured goods with coatings susceptible to routine microbial contamination.  Reactive Surfaces is continually expanding the types of coatings into which the ProteCoat® additives may be used.


ProteCoat® has submitted an application for registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  ProteCoat® and coatings containing ProteCoat® will not be available for sale until such registration is received.

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