DeGreez™, an enzyme-based additive that degreases surfaces exposed to fat and grease from vegetable and animal oils. Since the enzyme acts catalytically, it is non-exhaustive and harmless to the environment. Typical usage for this enzyme range from coatings for touchscreens for autos, phones and other handheld devices, computers, eyeglasses, plastics, kitchen counter tops and floors, to air ducting systems and even sewage pipes.

  DeGreez is the active ingredient in e-RACE, Reactive Surfaces’ electronic screen protectors.  While you subject your cell phone or other electronic device to grease, oils and makeup, DeGreez in your e-RACE screen protector works away, actually enzymatically converting the salt and grease on the screen to soap, allowing fingerprints and smudges to simply fall away. The result is similar to marks on a dry erase board…fingerprints and smudges simply wipe away with complete ease with normal use of your electronic device.


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