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July 22, 2013: Coatings World publishes article on WMDtox Coatings

WMDtox Coatings: Self-Decontamination Becomes a Reality

Reactive Surfaces has developed a line of coatings – WMDtox – containing enzymatic additives that immediately begin decontamination of organophosphorus chemical weapons agents on surfaces.

  • June 28, 2012: Coatings World announces that Reactive Surfaces has been selected as a finalist for the 2012 aerospace business plan competition. 
Reactive Surfaces selected as finalist for aerospace business plan competition


Reactive Surfaces, Austin, Texas, has been selected from over 70 aerospace companies as one of ten finalists for the 2102 New Space business plan competition by the Space Frontier Foundation, for its submission of a project concept company called Exo

  • June 26, 2012: Coatings World announces the opening of Reactive Surfaces' first functional coatings manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in July 2012. Click link below to read more.

Reactive Surfaces of Austin, Texas will open the doors of its new coatings manufacturing plant in Hattiesburg, Mississippi starting July 201

Daily 1 Excerpt – An interview with James Rawlins features a picture of Reactive Surfaces ProteCoat additive working after an 18 month outdoor exposure.

Daily 3 Excerpt – Discussed Reactive Surfaces emerging technologies.

Link to Full Articles – Hosted on the American Coatings Show website.

  • May 2010: The third article in the 3 part series published in the May issue of Coating's World magazine, Bio-Engineered Additives-A Pipeline of Value Delivering Unique Functionality in Your Coating, discusses Reactive Surfaces products in various stages of development and how they will shape the future of the paint and coatings industry
  • March 2010: We present a summary of our current technologies and a primer in formulating with bioengineered additives in this web-broadcasted seminar.
  • Webinar Coatings World – Adobe PDF of our presentation. Webinar Recording – Follow this link to see the recorded presentation, approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.
  • March 2010: With the second article in a 3 part series published in Coatings World magazine entitled, Formulating with Bioengineered Additives: Enhancing the Performance and Functionality of Paints and Coatings, we show how our research proves that ours and other bioengineered "green" additives, derived from natural sources, can add unique functionality to paints and coatings without the need for any changes to the formulation process.
  • February 2010: In part 1 of a 3 part series of articles published in Coatings World entitled, Functional Additives: A Platform for Revitalizing the Paint and Coatings Industry, Reactive Surfaces explores the significant commodity crisis currently facing the paint and coating industry. In collaboration with Chemark Consulting we show how ours and other bio-based functional additives have the potential to revitalize the industry, bringing value and emerging markets.
  • The American Coatings Show awarded Reactive Surfaces the 2008 American Coatings Award as "the most innovative coatings technology of 2008, and one that will change the coatings industry for the next 50 years."